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BSKIN™ Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment (15G)

We've formulated this specially to overcome everyone's greatest skincare nightmare, Acne. This targeted acne treatment helps to take control of breakouts quickly and effectively by providing a gentle yet holistic solution in 3 proven effective steps.

  • Step 1: CLEARS blemishes-causing bacteria and removes excessive sebum and impurities by melting stubborn clogs.
  • Step 2: CALMS irritated and inflamed skin by soothing and offering relief to affected areas.
  • Step 3: CARES for affected areas by preventing scarring and pigmentation.
  • "Smart Acne Buster" - ELLE Beauty Awards 2021.
  • "Best Skincare - Best Acne Care & Bloggers' Choice" - Beauty Insider Skincare and Wellness Awards 2021.
  • "Best At-Home Blemish Treatment" - CLEO Singapore Beauty Awards 2020.

Within 14 days, our customers experienced:

  • 86% reduction in inflammatory acne (papule/pustule).
  • 50% reduction in blackheads.
  • 67% reduction in whiteheads.
Usage and Tips:

Apply a thick layer once or twice daily to affected area as soon as you notice any redness, tenderness or acne.

Can be applied to blackheads, whiteheads, or inflammatory acne.

BEST PAIRED WITH (to effectively combat acne and other blemishes):
  • PRO-TIP: Use this treatment to get rid of acne on the body too!

SUITABLE for All Skin Types - especially acne-prone skin.